Youth Literacy Mentoring is a comprehensive education based program designed to address the literacy gap among students K – 6 who cannot read at grade level.

Youth Literacy Mentoring partners with schools and community organizations to provide partnership development, program management, and implementation funding.


Literacy Mentoring in Action

There’s a city-wide initiative to help Philadelphia students read at grade level. The Uncommon Individual Foundation is among dozens of organizations working with students to promote reading skills. Our Literacy Mentoring Program works with 1-thousand students in 8 schools across Philadelphia.

Curriculum for Educators

The Foundation provides a professional development plan for educators to further develop students’ literacy and comprehension skills using iReady and small group intervention. Alternatively, our mentors can coach students at your school. The Literacy Mentoring Program is currently offered in various elementary schools across the Greater Philadelphia region. Find out how your school can become a partner.

Resources for Parents

We encourage parents and family members to read with their kids at least once a day. Here is a list of free resources to support children with literacy and comprehension. You’ll find recommendations on how to do your homework, as well as engaging exercises and academic games.

Miss Montana's Reading Room

The numbers

At UIF we love to keep track of everything we do, so it’s only fair we share some of the good we are doing within our community. Since 2019, our Literacy mentors have helped more than 1,500 student read at grade level. Check out our latest stats for 2021.

Students who completed the Literacy Mentoring Curriculum increased their:

  • reading proficiency by at least one grade level–97%
  • reading proficiency by more than 2 grade levels–17%

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