ONTRACK Plus: Creating Pathways to Success

At ONTRACK Plus, we believe in leveling the educational playing field. Our newly enhanced Learning Management System(LMS) is more than just an upgrade–it’s a commitment to underserved and first-generation students who are carving their path toward a brighter future.






Here’s an exclusive look into the innovative features and transformative potential of our enhanced learning platform.

Whether you’re an educator, student, or parent, see how ONTRACK Plus can help you create pathways to success.

What sets ONTRACK Plus apart

ONTRACK Plus is the only platform of its kind offered to students and educators at NO COST. ONTRACK Plus is a testament to our dedication to ensuring every student, regardless of their background, has the tools, resources, and access to the scholarships they need to soar beyond high school.

Join us on this journey of change and empowerment. Discover the new features of ONTRACK Plus and see firsthand how we will transform the future of education.

Gamification, Rewards, & Badging

College-level Courses for Credit

Scholarship Opportunities

Small Group Mentoring

The ONTRACK Plus Difference

Become a Partner

ONTRACK Plus will onboard your students and provide them with logins to the platform. After a brief orientation, students can personalize their dashboard and start exploring!

High School Navigation

Students start watching 3-5 minute videos and taking short quizzes. They earn points towards badges and rewards for each module completed!

Unlock ONTRACK Plus Enhancements

Using the latest e-learning technology, students will be able to gain access to college level courses for free, participate in small group mentoring, and acess scholarship opportunities.

Transform your Students into Scholars

Each time students complete modules, classes, or even school sports and comunity activities, they will be enouraged to add it to their portfolio. This brag sheet will highlight their growth as scholars. This portfolio can be shared with prospective employers and colleges.

The numbers

OnTrack has mentored nearly 25,000 students since 2013. During that time, we have collected countless numbers from students and teachers across the United States. It’s only fair we share some of our recent numbers from 2023.

  • Partner Satisfaction-94%
  • Student Knowledge Growth-100%

Students mentored

hours of videos viewed

ontrack partners

The Team

Meet the team of mentors behind ONTRACK Plus

Andrew Zivic

Andrew Zivic

Director, College Readiness

Andrew led ONTRACK’S growth from a program with less than 10 partners to one with more than 150 partners and thousands of students across the country. He oversees the operations of ONTRACK Plus and feels strongly about the importance of closing the opportunity gap.  Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Ithaca College and a Master’s of Communication from Villanova University.

Chris DiAntonio

Chris DiAntonio

Director, Business Development

Chris is excited to introduce our enhanced ONTRACK Plus to thousands of students and educators across the country. Since joining the team in 2015, Chris developed STEM programming that’s delivered to nearly 50 schools across the Greater Philadelphia Area. Chris is a graduate of West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Shakia Kirksey

Shakia Kirksey

Assistant Director, College Readiness

As a first-generation, low income college graduate, Shakia understands the difficulty of preparing for, attending, and completing a post-secondary education. Through ONTRACK Plus workshops, Shakia helps students plan for life beyond high school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Master’s of Education in Urban Education from Temple University.

Samira Ford

Samira Ford

Coordinator, College Readiness

Samira specializes in the college preparation process. Through in-person workshops and virtual modules, she helps teach students the access points, tips, and tricks of preparing for college. Samira holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production from Temple University, and a Master’s of Education from Villanova University.

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ONTRACK Plus is made possible by:The philanthropy of Dr. Richard E. Caruso and the Uncommon Individual Foundation, a mentoring nonprofit he founded in 1986.

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