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we all need mentors

A good mentor can change the way we see the world and our future. The Uncommon Individual Foundation provides mentoring curriculum designed to help students, educators, and entrepreneurs succeed, because their success ensures the overall growth and prosperity of our community.

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The Uncommon Individual Foundation mentors students, educators, and entrepreneurs through in-person and virtual programs.

Mentoring for Educators & Students

A mentor can be a friend, thought partner, or advisor to students on their academic journey. The Foundation’s mentoring resources in college and career access, entrepreneurship, media, and technology help educators build curriculum and gives students dynamic learning opportunities.

OnTrack: College & Career Readiness

OnTrack is an online e-learning program designed to help 9th-12th grade students successfully navigate high school, understand the process to achieve a post-secondary education, and explore financial aid options.

Caruso Challenge

A college accredited entrepreneurship program that teaches students how to identify and solve real problems. The project-based curriculum gives students the opportunity to work with mentors, entrepreneurs, and UIF staff to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and increase their social capital.

Media Mentoring

Led by TV and media professionals with extensive industry experience, Media Mentoring supports students and educators in the region through in-person and virtual mentoring sessions that focus on writing for multimedia platforms, branding, and video production.

Technology Mentoring

The Foundation’s Technology professionals bring their passion for STEM into schools and community organizations. Our mentors help students “learn by doing” while providing guidance and encouragement.

Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are integral to the success of the Philadelphia area. They engineer innovation, stimulate the economy, and drive employment…all contributing to healthy, vibrant communities. The Foundation provides: incubator space, media training, video production, and executive mentoring to local entrepreneurs and startups.

Caruso Incubator

The Caruso Incubator is a nonprofit, business development program that mentors entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia start-up community.  Since 2016, the Caruso Incubator supported over 65 nonprofit and for profit companies.

Executive & Organizational Mentoring

The core curriculum is based on Dr. Caruso’s ground-breaking research developed at the London School of Economics. Using this cutting-edge system of “protégé-driven, multiple-mentoring,” programs are tailored to produce maximum benefits to the organization, protégé, and mentor.

Media Consultation

Do you need help refining and delivering your message? Our industry experts will help you develop your public speaking skills, manage your social media, and help you deliver your message to the intended audience.

Studio Rental/ UIF REC Studio

Creating longform or informational videos can be overwhelming and expensive. We have figured out how to streamline the process by building our own multimedia studio. UIF REC Studio’s 3-camera setup and fully modular set makes it possible to produce a variety of profssional videos. 

UIF Mentoring in action

Take a look at the impact our mentoring made in the Greater Philadelphia Area and across the country since 2016.

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Leveraging the knowledge and experience of mentors is a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. UIF supports this core principle through Mentorsphere — a curated virtual community where individuals and organizations can connect with mentors from industry, government, and higher education.

Find a Mentor

Be a Mentor

Why we mentor

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Richard E Caruso, considered one of the pioneers of mentoring. The son of immigrant, working-class parents, Dr. Caruso achieved success in business through the influence of mentors he encountered throughout his life. The correlation between his success and the mentoring he received led Dr. Caruso to create UIF as a way to help individuals and organizations access experts, receive personal guidance, and utilize a comprehensive suite of mentoring tools and techniques to help ensure success.


Here’s what our community partners, entrepreneurs, and students have to say about our mentoring.

UIF has served as a great launching pad for my company when I needed help and resources to keep my business moving forward. 

From the staff to the peers I was able to connect with the experience itself served as a very valuable lesson for me. They even helped me tell my entrepreneurial story via a docuseries which has since been picked up by Entrepreneur Media.”
Rohan Brown


“UIF’s Caruso Challenge proved to be an incredible supplement to our RISE Teen Leadership Development program. Our students were excited to learn research techniques, evaluate perceived community problems, and develop data driven solutions in a collaborative environment. These entrepreneurial skills will stay with them for life!”
Karen C. Hicks

Andrew L. Hicks Jr. Foundation

“Our partnership with UIF  began over 3 years ago. The impact of our relationship is transformative. Thanks to OnTrack, our students are immersed in the concept of strategic planning at a very personal level. OnTrack provides the opportunity for our students to better understand themselves and the actions they must take to realize their post-secondary educations goals.

The partnership with UIF has better prepared our students for a successful future.”

Michael Knowles

Trenton Catholic Academy