Executive and Organizational Mentoring is based on Dr. Caruso’s ground-breaking research developed at the London School of Economics. Using this cutting-edge system of “protégé-driven, multiple-mentoring,” programs are tailored to produce maximum benefits to the organization, protégé, and mentor.


Executive & Organizational Mentoring Ceremony

The Delaware River and Bay Authority partnered with the Uncommon Individual Foundation for a 10-month Executive and Organizational  Mentoring training program. UIF Founding Executive Director, Dr. John C. Crosby has implemented more than 250 mentoring programs across the country since 1986.

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Mentoring for Corporations & Nonprofits

The Foundation provides a professional development plan for corporations and nonprofits that want to create mentoring programs for their staff.

Crosby Writes & Publishes Caruso Bio

Dr. John Crosby eloquently captures the life and legacy of Dr. Richard Caruso through his book titled, Built to Help Each Other: Mentoring in the Life of Richard Caruso: An Uncommon Man.

From his humble beginnings in Atlantic City, to founding Integra Life Sciences the innovators of artificial skin technology, Dr. Caruso achieved great success thanks to the mentors in his life. 

UIF is Dr. Caruso’s way of mentoring it forward. The Foundation does by design what happened to him by serendipity. For every brilliant startup… or idea… or individual… at some point–someone believed in them and pushed them in the right direction.

The book is available online or at your local bookstore.

Dr. John Crosby says, “It is a story that had to be told, and everyone who reads the book will enjoy and be inspired by the life and times of this UNCOMMON MAN.”


The numbers

Dr. Crosby began collecting research, writing curriculum, designing mentoring programs, training mentors and protégés (mentees), and evaluating the mentoring process. The Foundation’s first clients included America’s largest corporations, as well as colleges and universities, public and private schools, youth organizations, governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, social services agencies, and other entities. Here are some highlights since 1986.

mentors trained in collaborative mentoring

corporate donations for mentoring programs

mentoring programs for state of delaware

The Team

Meet the team of mentors behind Executive & Organizational Mentoring

Dr. John Crosby

Dr. John Crosby

Founding Executive Director

John Crosby is the Founding Director of the Uncommon Individual Foundation. Prior to UIF, he was superintendent of schools for 20 years in three Pennsylvania districts. Under his leadership in Radnor, The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports rated the district one of the nation’s best. He has degrees from Abilene Christian University, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, and Teachers College, Columbia University. John’s distinctions include being named a Henry H. Linn Scholar at Teachers College and the recipient of Penn’s Graduate School of Education’s Outstanding Achievement Award for exemplary leadership in developing productive partnerships among the university and area public schools. In 2009 John was awarded a Distinguished Alumni Citation by Abilene Christian University.

For over three decades, with passion and perseverance, John has done what Richard asked of him: “Do for others what others have done for us.”