The Caruso Incubator is a nonprofit, business development program that mentors entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia start-up community.  At UIF we believe entrepreneurs are integral to the success of the Greater Philadelphia Region. They engineer innovation, stimulate the economy, and drive employment…all contributing to healthy, vibrant communities.

Caruso Incubator: Demo Day

Ben Franklin would be proud! Philadelphia Area interns learn about entrepreneurship by working directly with Philadelphia companies. They showcased their work during Demo Day 2019.

Solo Founders & Startups

We know how difficult it can be start a new business or grow an existing one. We can connect you to the right mentors in your field. We can also help you refine your business plan, find funding, source talent, and provide unbiased feedback. Membership in the Caurso Incubator does NOT require payment or equity.

Companies & Nonprofits

From small business to corporations and nonprofits, the Caruso Incubator mentors organizations to meet the financial, operational and skill-building challenges associated with growth. We can help you find and develop the resources needed to take your enterprise to the next level. Membership in the Caurso Incubator does NOT require payment or equity.

The numbers

At UIF we love to keep track of everything we do, so it’s only fair we share some of the good we are doing within our communities. Since 2015, the Caruso Incubator has mentored 75 startups in the Greater Philadelphia area. Nearly 75% of these comapnies are still in business.

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startup companies mentored since 2015

The Team

Meet the team of mentors behind the Caruso Incubator

Ben Pietrzyk

Ben Pietrzyk

Director, Caruso Incubator

Ben helped launch UIF’s Caruso Challenge. He believes in teaching entrepreneurship and echoes Dr. Caruso’s philosophy of “thinking like an entrepreneur.” Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Salle University in Sociology and Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sean Hackman

Sean Hackman

Coordinator, Caruso Incubator

Sean enjoys facilitating the Caruso Challenge workshops to students in the Philadelphia area and beyond. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. Sean also delivers workshops to students and teachers focused on emerging technology.  

Caruso Incubator Companies