OnTrack is an online college and career readiness curriculum designed to help students, parents, counselors, educators, and after-school program staff successfully navigate the post-secondary education attainment process.

Through grade-specific video modules, OnTrack provides 9th-12th grade students with the knowledge and confidence to complete their high school experience and create a viable post-secondary education plan.

Using OnTrack’s curriculum, students are better prepared to navigate high school, understand the post-secondary application process, gain acceptance to an institution of their choice, and receive financial aid to support their attendance.

What is OnTrack: College Readiness & Career Prep

OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education is an online, college readiness curriculum helping students succeed in high school, figure out where they want to go to college, and know how to pay for it. The program is granted at no cost and has helped more than 10,000 students with college readiness since 2014.

Curriculum for Educators

OnTrack’s monitoring tools enables educators to track the progress of your students, send them individual or group alerts, and generate reports to see at-a-glance how students are advancing in the program. Students are mentored by OnTrack Advisors on financial aid, creating a post-secondary list, admissions testing, financial literacy, job preparation, character development, as well as college applications. By having a working understanding of those topics, students are more focused and informed when meeting with you on their post-secondary decisions. 

Curriculum for Students

Use OnTrack as your personal resource to the college process. Through a series of weekly video modules, you will be shown all the essential steps to find, enroll, and receive financial aid support for college. You have post-secondary options after high school, and it is our goal is to make college planning as stress-free as possible for you! By staying OnTrack, you will have all the information necessary to prepare for college, while having a fulfilling high school experience.

OnTrack E-Learning

Take the guess work out of college prep with OnTrack’s library of nearly 200 video modules. Our grade specific short videos, covers topics such as: Developing Strong Study Skills, ACT/SAT Prep, Resolving Conflict, FAFSA Completion and Paying for College.

OnTrack Workshops

OnTrack delivers in-person workshops to schools and students in the Philadelphia Area. Workshops are offered as individual sessions or in a series, tailored to the needs of the requesting organization. Here’s a list of our OnTrack Workshop topics.

The numbers

OnTrack has mentored more than 25,000 students since 2013. During that time, we have collected countless numbers from students and teachers across the United States. It’s only fair we share some of our recent numbers from 2021.

  • Partner Satisfaction-94%
  • Student Knowledge Growth-100%

Students mentored

hours of videos viewed

ontrack partners

The Team

Meet the team of mentors behind OnTrack: College & Career Readiness

Andrew Zivic

Andrew Zivic

Director, College Readiness

Andrew led OnTrack’s growth from a program with less than 10 partners to one with more than 150 partners and thousands of students across the country. He oversees the operations of OnTrack and feels strongly about the importance of closing the opportunity gap.  Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Ithaca College and a Master’s of Communication from Villanova University.

Shakia Kirksey

Shakia Kirksey

Assistant Director, College Readiness

As a first-generation, low income college graduate, Shakia understands the difficulty of preparing for, attending, and completing a post-secondary education. Through in-person and virtual workshops, Shakia helps students plan for life beyond high school. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Master’s of Education in Urban Education from Temple University.

Samira Ford

Samira Ford

Coordinator, College Readiness

Samira specializes in the college preparation process. Through in-person workshops and virtual modules, she helps teach students the access points, tips, and tricks of preparing for college. Samira holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production from Temple University, and a Master’s of Education from Villanova University.