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Have you ever thought about going back in time to give your younger self some useful tips and advice for the future? While we can’t help you build a time machine, we can help you share your insights and expertise with people who are looking for mentorship.

Becoming a mentor can alter the trajectory of someone’s life. It can also be a rewarding way to share share your skills and experience with your community.

Are you ready to mentor it forward?



Once you fill out the form to become a mentor, one of our UIF team members will contact you to find out your skillset and availability to mentor. Your name and photo will be added to our website but all requests to connect with you will be vetted by UIF. One of our team members will contact you to ensure your availability before we make a mentoring introduction.

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Join our mentoring community and give students, entrepreneurs, and community members looking for your specific expertise, the opportunity to connect with you.    All mentoring requests are curated by UIF.