Corporate Mentoring

Corporate Mentoring at UIF began 30 years ago, when Richard E. Caruso, Ph.D., President, and John C. Crosby, Ed.D., Executive Director, created the first private, nonprofit foundation exclusively devoted to mentoring. Our mission was to work with people who were imaginative and creative in all fields and to encourage them to develop themselves to their fullest potential, thereby benefiting society and improving the lives of others.

Dr. Crosby began collecting research, writing curriculum, designing mentoring programs, training mentors and protégés (mentees), and evaluating the mentoring process. The Foundation’s first clients included America’s largest corporations, as well as colleges and universities, public and private schools, youth organizations, governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, social services agencies, and other entities. The Foundation worked with various socio-economic groups, including young professionals, entrepreneurs, and state employees. UIF provided special training curriculum for building successful mentoring partnerships across culture, race, gender, generation, and disabilities.

How It Works

The core curriculum is based on Dr. Caruso’s ground-breaking research developed at the London School of Economics. Using this cutting-edge system of “protégé-driven, multiple-mentoring,” programs are tailored to produce maximum benefits to the organization, protégé, and mentor.
To find out how your organization can benefit from UIF’s Corporate Mentoring, contact: john.crosby@uif.or