UIF Education Mentoring Programs are designed to empower students 

with the knowledge and skills to be academically and socially successful in school, understand their options to achieve and fund a post-secondary education, and realize the value of mentoring in their lives.

Education Mentoring Programs consist of: OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education and Youth Literacy Mentoring.

OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education

OnTrack is an online e-learning program designed to help 9th-12th grade students successfully navigate high school, understand the process to achieve a post-secondary education, and explore financial aid options.

How OnTrack Works

OnTrack is delivered through short, grade specific mentoring videos designed to increase a student’s knowledge and confidence level around navigating the post-secondary attainment process.

The OnTrack curriculum consists of two hundred 5-8 minute videos covering topics such as:

  • high school navigation
  • post-secondary application process
  • financial aid options
  • social-emotional intelligence

In addition to the video curriculum, OnTrack also offers in-person workshops available to schools and organizations in the Philadelphia area.

OnTrack Workshop Series

If you’re interested in learning more about OnTrack eLearning and the OnTrack Workshop Series, visit ontrackpse.com.

To schedule a demo of the system contact Andrew Zivic, Director of College Readiness: andrew.zivic@uif.org 

Youth Literacy Mentoring

Youth Literacy Mentoring is a comprehensive education based program designed to address the literacy gap among youth (K – 5) who cannot read at grade level.

How Youth Literacy Mentoring Works

Youth Literacy Mentoring partners with schools and community organizations to provide partnership development, program management, and implementation funding.

YLM programs operate during after-school time and consist of:

  • small group literacy instruction
  • iReady computer-based education modules
  • homework support

YLM also provides summer camp experiences customized based upon our partners’ needs.

For more information about the Youth Literacy Program contact Betsy Dwyer, YLM Program Director: betsy.dwyer@uif.org

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