Approximately 27 million working-age Americans

– roughly 14 percent of the workforce – are starting or running new businesses. The changing landscape of American business is fueled by women, minority, and mid-career professionals, taking their first steps into the world of entrepreneurship.

The UIF Entrepreneur Mentoring Program (EMP) helps these individuals – and organizations – connect with mentors from industry, government, and education. EMP provides a framework for entrepreneurs to collaborate with mentors, share their knowledge with other entrepreneurs, and develop their ideas into products and services that have a positive economic and social impact.

How the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program Works

EMP mentoring resources are designed to create a “mentoring community” among the program participants. These resources include:

  • access to a network of in-house and external volunteer mentors
  • business development and research support from top-tier university interns
  • shared office and meeting space
  • connection to private and government funding agencies

While receiving these benefits from the Foundation, program participants also contribute back their time to mentor in schools and other organizations that partner with UIF.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, contact Ben Pietrzyk, EMP Assistant Director:

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