Technology Mentoring

UIF’s Technology Mentoring provides education support and mentoring to schools and community organizations to enhance their STEM programs.

Technology Mentoring brings mentors with a background and passion for technology into schools and community organizations. By contributing their time and expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, mentors help students “learn by doing” while providing guidance and encouragement.

How Technology Mentoring Works

Through the technology mentoring workshops, UIF mentors engage students and educators to:
  • explore the history and application of technology,
  • use new and emerging hardware such as robots, virtual reality systems, and 3D printers
  • study computer-aided design, app coding, physical science, and the scientific method of research

UIF Technology Mentoring engagements are tailored to the specific needs of the partner school or organization and are typically facilitated through in-school and after-school clubs and enrichment programs.

In addition to working with technology, UIF mentors demonstrate how entrepreneurship and innovation are used to commercialize a product or service concept.

For more on how UIF’s Technology Mentoring can help your classroom, contact Chris DiAntonio, Director: