UIF REC Studio

UIF REC Studio is a multimedia space in the heart of downtown Wayne. An extension of UIF’s Media Mentoring Program, the studio produces original content. designed to teach, mentor, and promote local innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Our mission is to provide media mentoring for students and organizations.
Students hone their design, cinematography, and storytelling skills by producing clear, concise, and creative videos for local entrepreneurs and organizations.


REC Studio

The possibilities are endless in our versatile multimedia space. From webinars, instructional videos, product demos, as well as intimate interviews and panel discussions, our sets are designed to accommodate a variety of shoots and productions.

Studio Rental

Creating longform or informational videos can be overwhelming. We have figured out how to streamline the process. With our 3 camera studio setup and fully modular set, the possibilities are endless with your imagination. REC Studio can make them a reality.

To learn more about REC Studio or schedule a meeting with one of our media professionals, email: media@uif.org